Quilted Jacket

Quilted Jacket

This “analog” or “analogue” (“hand-cut & glued”) collage has at least one vintage BUTTON added to the mix!


THE BUTTON LADY’S mixed media collages & assemblages also include acrylic paint, papers (including snippets of wallpaper from my 1920’s apartments), copies of sepia-toned photos of people, found items like rusty metal, glitter, lace, candy wrappers, distress inks, aged keys, furniture hardware, rubber stamps, eating utensils & more.


Dappled & gay colors are used.


Pieces with copies of old-timey brown-toned photos of long-gone people can be considered “portraiture.”


Some of my collages (& assemblages) are just pure FUN & are childlike & full of whimsy (using juxtaposition & Surrealism.)


All remind one of happy times – “a lifetime ago” - & special memories.


Sealed - 5 x 7


Signed & dated by Beth Davis - THE BUTTON LADY


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