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Updated: May 17, 2019

Hi, ya'll!

Darien & I continue to work on completing my Website from unfinished to 100%!

Watch the "skies" !! IT'S GONNA HAPPEN!

He's coming tomorrow to help me.

Don't "THEY" say good things take time??? a sweet mid-century baby doll I have in my vast collection.

(I told ya'll yesterday I would post more VINTAGE POPPETS!)

Hmmm.....IDK if it's a boy or a girl....

Either way, it's precious......

....He or she will look "FABBALOUS" in one of my collages or assemblages, don't you think??



: )~

PS - I photographed the baby doll against the background of my oldest granddaughter's painting I bought from her last year as a contribution to her Christian mission trip to Guatemala.

She's going in July for her 3rd year to the medical clinic/foster care site for the babies & children.

She's staying 3 weeks this time!

In the past, she's stayed 10 days.

God bless her....& them!!

If you want to know what the painting says in full, PM me on FB as Beth Davis.

: )~

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